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Welcome! Michelle R. Hannah is an experienced and great motivational speaker who specializes in helping organizations and individuals who are in transitional phases. If you have experienced a breaking point in your life then you probably have experienced a sudden breakup or an unwanted breakdown. If you have experienced the journey of transformation then you are familiar with breakthrough and breakout moments. My purpose in life was found and accepted through my own breaking points and full circle journey. The fact that I am still standing is evidence that I have learned how to "Live Life Beyond All the Broken Pieces."

If you are an organization or an individual that is experiencing transition, transformation is the only option. As a motivational consultant, I have the expertise to help you through it. The 4 B's concept will guide you through the steps to breakthrough and ultimately breakout into your purpose.

March 2012 the book, The Breaking Point: A Full-Circle Journey, Living Life beyond all the Broken Pieces, will be available for purchase. If you are ready to experience the true reason for your existence then you cannot afford to be without this motivational and inspirational book!

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Michelle R. Hannah -- Author and Great Motivational Speaker

In 2004 I moved to Washington DC with a vision to change the world. I was 32 and diagnosed with carcinoma in si tu of the cervix. While being treated in DC, I was on a mission to educate about HPV and became very active in advocacy through testifying on Capitol Hill. I established several relationships with cancer organizations and pharmaceutical companies. The amazing part of this story is that I knew only one person in DC, had never lived on the east coast, and was ill. What a time to start a foundation. However I started Celebrate Life Foundation and nurtured it from two people in the organization to a board of 12 and several volunteers. In seven years we provided emotional and financial support to thousands of low income women with not only cervical cancer but all varieties of cancers. We participated in many conferences and partnered with numerous organizations to educate about HPV. I am proud of all our programs that continue to help many women nationally.

It’s funny how we can achieve many goals and receive many awards but pain has a way of minimizing all of that. I thought by completing my MBA I would be fulfilled or if I found true love I would be complete. After experiencing another health scare in 2010, every pain that I sought to hide surfaced. I had to face that I was a victim of domestic violence, molestation, a variety of illnesses, depression, and sadness from losing my father. All of these occurrences led me to feeling that my life was not worth living. I had always experienced breaking points but not all of them hitting me back to back or day to day.

The result is I had a breakdown. The only person that could reach me was my therapist who stated regularly that I was worth it and today was worth living. The journey was long but after many days of fighting to live, I woke up one day realizing that I was worth it and that my life had purpose. No matter what my past or pain, nothing and no one could stop My Purpose.

The result was this book ... my lifeline. My purpose saved my life. For if it were no purpose there would be no reason to exist. I sometimes recall negative predictions fed to me since birth. Yet today I am a life coach speaker and my purpose is stronger than any put down, set back or bleak medical prognosis.
My Story…My journey

My mother told me I would never develop into a healthy child. She said the doctor was amazed that I was walking and running by age two. Being a child actress, I dealt with rejection which impacted my self-worth. When you allow anyone to define who you are, you give up your control to make sound decisions. I grew up thinking that my life was worthless and the only happiness I ever had was helping others by giving financially and emotionally. Although admirable to have the spirit of giving, giving until it hurts is not the gift of giving. The true gift is knowledge of why you exist. You exist because of the purpose that God has for you. You are worthy because you were created for a specific purpose designed for you only.