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Self Vows Retreats

The Self Vows

The Self Vows is a commitment to self. These seven vows are some of the most important vows to self that you will take in your life. This is one commitment that you cannot afford not to take. If you're asking yourself why you should trust me, well I was where you are at one point in my life. Honestly from time to time I have to recommit to my self vows because life happens.


The seven vows will challenge you to delete what doesn’t serve you and accept the things that do. If you are ready to be your own cheerleader in the best of times and worst of times-you are ready to take and commit to The Self Vows.

4 day & 3 night's retreat we will provide you with a luxury top notch experience. You will be treated like absolute royalty. Three nights of pampering, deep self-reflection, emotional healing, connection to intimacy with self, self- work activities/ exercises, bonding with your sister and an amazing ceremony. You will also get the opportunity to spend personal time with Dr. Michelle as she provides solutions to challenges that have plagued you personally and professionally.

The Friendship Vows -2 retreats in 1

Have you ever wanted to work on your friendship by exploring the depth of emotional Intimacy, authenticity, loyalty, transparency, vulnerability, love and choosing to be accountable for your own self work? Maybe it's a new friendship that you want to start by taking a more healthy approach to growing, being open to other perspectives, authenticity, vulnerability, conflict resolution?


If this sounds like what you and your friend have been hoping for, we would love to be a part of your friendship journey. You will take your Self Vows and Friendship Vows. You will learn some cutting edge concepts to friendship that are guaranteed to rejuvenate, restore or reinvent your friendship!


Not Convinced, take a look at our last Friendship Vows retreat.

The Self Vows reunion retreat

The Self Vows reunion retreat is meticulously designed to empower individuals to share their stories, reconnect with their sisters, and recognize areas that still demand ongoing growth. 

Unlike the initial Self Vows program, which focuses on initiating transformative work, the reunion retreat allows participants to reflect on their journey, showcasing the progress made over time and embracing healthier responses to life's challenges.

Included in the retreat are all meals, self-work activities, surprises, intentional gifts, plenty of laughter, a 30-day life plan, pampering sessions, massages, meditation/sound baths, sisterhood bonding, and a lifetime membership, spanning 4 days and 3 nights.

The Business Intimacy Vows - 2 retreats in 1

All business owners tend to pour so much into their businesses and into others that often SELF gets neglected. Through many years of being a business owner, I've realized that The Self Vows must be the 1st step and as we show up as the best Version of ourselves, there is no other option other than to be the best Version of who you show up as in your buisness.


As you connect with our concept of Business Intimacy, authenticity with your customers/clients, fast track to lifetime customers and the best blueprint to follow up and attracting the customers that are destined for you; you'll be ready to take your Business Vows.

The best take away is that you will leave with content that you can implement immediately and a plan that will monetize your business as soon as you arrive back home.

Take a moment-4 days and 3 nights to be exact and get away to reconnect to you and to others that you will build relationships that are past just business.


Take the impactful Self Vows that will provide you the foundation to take your Business Vows.

Let's be successful in every aspect of your life, isn't that what true success is?

Note: All of our retreats give you an option of VIP or our Just You package.

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